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[334] Walkthrough Name:I3 I2 I Date:2011/07/20(水) 15:07 [ Res ]
This walkthrough is about as detailed as it can possibly get without giving you the answers to the puzzles. I've basically taken all of the information provided on this forum, removed the puzzle answers and given hints to help you figure it out for yourself, like I did. Happy Escaping!

First things first, start collecting:

-coin, right side of toilet on floor
-rope, left side of toilet, under bed
-iron pipe, under bed, 2nd from left, select coin and click on pipe to unscrew it
-toothbrush, left side of sink, on the floor

Combine rope and iron pipe to make rope ladder. select rope ladder, click on barred window (notice how you can click on the bars and they turn a little with uncomfortable sound), then click on hole in the wall. This allows you to collect:

-small key, on the right side of the hole

Select the small key and click on desk drawer to open and collect:

-book, in drawer

Look at the tally marks on the wall by the sink. There are 4 rows:

-Row 1, 22 tally marks (one white)
-Row 2, 31 tally marks
-Row 3, 28 tally marks
-Row 4, 18 tally marks

These tally marks represent a prisoner's system for marking time in the cell, by month. What month has only 28 days in it? Work backwards to find out the month represented by Row 1. How many days are in that month? Subtract 22 ( the number of tally marks) from the number of days in that month to find out what date the prisoner started the tally. Starting from that date, count the tally marks until you get to the white tally mark. That white tally mark represents the last two digits in the code for the book. The first two are the numbers that correspond to the month represented by Row 1.

Use this 4-digit code to open the book. in your items list, select the book and flip past 3 pages of numbers written on shapes to the end to collect:

-rusty iron plate, last page of book

In your items list, combine rusty iron plate with toothbrush to create:

-mirror, created by cleaning rusty iron plate with toothbrush

Select mirror, go to barred window and get as close as you can (close-up of 4 bars). Click middle of barred window (sky) to see the other side of the wall, which has a hole in it containing:

-iron clasp, in hole behind barred window (this is basically an L-bracket)
-stick of chalk, in hole behind barred window. kinda hard to see, it's to the right side of the hole

In your items list, select rope ladder and separate it back into iron pipe and rope. Combine iron pipe and iron clasp to make:

-unnamed object, iron pipe with iron clasp in the end of it

Select mirror, turn to cell door, click on cell door and click on the open space to the right of the locking mechanism. This allows you to see outside the cell. select your iron-pipe-and-clasp object and click on the upper right corner area shown in the mirror to collect:

-key, this is the second key and it is hanging on a hook outside the cell.

Select mirror, go back one click to the view of the cell door, click on the locking mechanism to see a keyhole. Select key to unlock the door and see the grid of backwards letters. Go back to the main cell door view, click on the desk, then click on the left leg of the desk. Select chalk, then click on the space under the stool. Click on the underside of the stool to rub chalk on it. Then click the letters shown to see 4 rows of letters.


The easiest way to figure this out is to recreate the letter grid you saw in the cell door (remember, the mirror made the letters appear backwards!) on a piece of paper.


Forget about Z, it's not used.

Now, make 4 of these grids on paper because there are 4 groups of letters under the stool. On your paper, black out the letters shown under the stool.

Someone already gave this one out, so for example, the first group of letters is ABCDEHMRW, so you black those letters out on your recreated grid.


Forget all about what letters are left. you want the ones you blacked out. Do those stars in my example look like a certain letter? Do the other groups of letters under the stool the same way.

Once you have the 4 letters, go back to the cell door with the backwards letter grid and enter your 4 letter code. The door will unlock. At this point, you can click on the locking mechanism and get a prompt that says Open? and your choices are OK and Cancel. If you say ok, the door opens and you walk out.

If you cancel, you go back to the close-up view of the cell door. Back out to the main cell door view and look close at the ground to collect:

-iron piece, it fell out of the cell door when you unlocked it.

In your items list, select one of your items (I'm not telling which), click on the book, go to one of the 3 pages (only one works) and click on the shape with numbers. Go back, select something else (again, I'm not telling, you have to figure these out by process of elimination) and do the same thing. The combination of the two items in the book reveals a clue.

Remember earlier how those bars turned a little with uncomfortable sound? Left to right.

You're welcome. =)

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